Friday, December 30, 2005

Home Again, Home Again, Lickitty Split

Im back home, listening to the contemporary christian station and Obie yowling. As usual, he has decided that I have been home long enough to no longer receive the cold shoulder... but not long enough to be welcomed. No, it is now time for the yowling and the knocking over of things, and jumping on the counters and table where he knows he'll get yelled at, etc.

The trip home was long but uneventful. I got home around 215 and of COURSE I got my insomnia and didn't even get tired enough to turn the lights out until 330. hehe. Oh well, at least I was able to sleep in a bit.

It was a wonderful Christmas, and now there are only 2 weeks to put in before my new nephew arrives. I have begun counting the time until homecoming in weeks instead of months and that's thrilling, too. We had a small little Christmas morning at Nicole and Jason's house with Jackson. He was THRILLED with his wagon from Jason's Aunt Debbie. In fact, right up until the moment we left for the airport he would rather be in his wagon than anywhere else! After piddling around at home, we loaded the car up with the leftover gifts for the "other house" and took off for Westport (its only a 15 min drive, for the uninitiated). The Sikoras hadn't even begun with gifts, so we all gorged ourselves on homemade southern style biscuits, sausage gravy, egg gravy, fresh fruit, danishes and other pastry, tater tots, and a whole lot of other things Im probably forgetting. :-)

Gifts came after breakfast, and we all arranged ourselves either on the floor or in chairs, although the seating options were limited because there were so many of us. I think it was about 3 hours before everything was opened, and even then there was one gift that was forgotten and found the next day still under the tree! With Ash, Steve, Gracie, Travis, Peter, Mom and Dad Sikora, Mom and Dad Wickwire, Nic and Jas, Jackson, Grandma Conley, and me, it was really a full house! (Oh, I forgot the puppies!) We did have a scare in the middle. Holly loves the little doggy toys that roll and make noise and when they move right a treat drops out. Ash got the dogs a new one for Christmas and had loaded it up for Holly. Unfortunately, it was defective in some way because poor little Holly got her jaw caught INSIDE IT! She was yelping and alwasy does that with these toys so it was a few minutes before anyone realized that she was actually hurt. Poor baby.

The rest of the day was spent watching movies, playing with the babies, catching up with the family, and testing out our new toys. My only complaint was the lack of Andrew, when suddenly he was THERE! Well, SORT OF. He called. :-) We hadn't talked on the phone since mid November, and that had been only a 4 minute call or so, so this time we had nearly 45 minutes before we were cut off and it was WONDERFUL. Of course, I did go into the bathroom after we got cut off and sobbed for a good 20 minutes, but HEY! I DIDNT CRY ON THE PHONE! :-)

Ugh, I was going to try and be more than newsy with this post, but its late on a Friday evening and Im all relaxed from my bath. Tomorrow its off to church to see Matthew for the first time since he returned from deployment. Sadly, he won't have Lydia with him, she is still out of the country and won't return until later in the day. We're hoping to hook up before I head back east though. :-) In the evening, its off to DAve's Bistro with Queenie and her Hub-Unit and Wendy and Batman. w00t!

In the meantime... Happy Sabbath all, and Happy New YEAR!

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