Saturday, December 10, 2005

Genessa and Murray Pricter

So, the wedding last weekend came off with only the to-be-expected gliches (like no one remember where they had put the bride's ring when the wedding was 30 minutes away from starting...). Here is a great pic of the happy bride and groom with their wedding party from left to right: Lynnie, Stacey, Genessa, Murray, Jason, and then Derek and Ashley, the ring bearer and flower girl, in the front. As soon as more pics are circulating, I'll post em! Also, run on over to Genus Pooleyaticus for more of their story!

This wedding marked the first time that I was the overall coordinator. I had a blast, although I had thought going in that I would be mainly just dealing with the ceremony. I ended up running all over the place the day of the wedding, keeping Nessa from collapsing (although we both did have a breakdown when the seamstress thanked me for giving my husband to the service of our country), organizing people, being "nicely bossy" as I was told. It was a lot of fun, but boy was I TIRED when I got home! I didn't realize it over the weekend, but it was so nice to get home on Monday night and get into my bed... of course, that also probably had something to do with the fact that I drove home through horrendous traffic, got food poisoning from the restaurant I ate dinner at, and then stayed up until 2 am finishing some edits on the dissertation. YES! THE DISSERTATION THAT PASSED PREDEFENSE TODAY! HURRAH!!!!!! Ahem.

WOW I just realized that after my weeks of near silence I posted TWICE in one DAY. Perhaps that means that life is getting back to normal... I feel a nice long Sabbath post coming on for tomorrow, too...but for now...the kitties and I say--


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