Friday, December 09, 2005


There is all sorts of news to report today:

1. Congrats to Jen and Justin! They are pregnant with their first child. Woot! I heard the news yesterday and couldn't be more thrilled for them. Of course, they are saying that I am doomed to follow shortly because it MUST be in the air. hehe.

2. Congrats to Mama! My "2nd" Mom just passed her predefense for her PhD dissertation that I have been helping with. Hurrah! We just have a few minor changes and we're ready for Defense and then GRADUATION!

3. Andrew might be able to come home on the advance arrival det and would arrive a couple weeks before the rest of the squadron.

4. Judd and Pia are having a GIRL (not sure if I reported this one already, but its worth saying again!)

5. Jacob's arrival has been scheduled tentatively for the 9th of January!

6. Im almost finished with my Christmas cards!

Ok, so the last one is really only news for me, but I have a huge sense of accomplishment since I hand addressed them all this afternoon and they sit patiently in a bag waiting for the trek to the post office. Oh well...

My flowers from Andy still haven't arrived, so I called FTD today. He sent me a picture of what they CHARGED us for, but still haven't delivered. It was a beautiful bouquet of roses and iris. Turns out that THREE florists in town decided they wanted more money or they wouldn't deliver the flowers (which is actually supposedly against policy cause if they are an FTD florist, they agree to the FTD rates...), but FTD wasn't notified of the third one cancelling the order, they were told it had been delivered on the 7th. Also, one of the places said they had called and got the RECEPTIONIST so couldn't talk to me about the order. HELLO! I WORK AT HOME! I AM THE RECEPTIONIST! What a pain. The lady I talked to was very nice and ended up refunding our money and asked if they could send us an apology bouquet. She also read the card that was supposed to be on the flowers, which said "You are one year more beautiful than before. Love from Iraq, Andrew". That of course teared me up so I was sniffling through the rest of the conversation. >sigh<

There isn't much other news. Christmas shopping and creating is coming along, with about half the list completed. I picked up Ashley's bday presents yesterday and am quite pleased with them... hopefully she will be, too! Next Thursday or Sunday I'll go finish up the shopping, just in time for my departure to CT for Christmas on the 20th. Hoo-rah.

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