Saturday, December 23, 2006

A breakthrough

Just had to let the world know we've had an animal breakthrough at our house. This morning as I lay wrapped in my robe and flannels and socks and jacket and shirt (I was cold!), the puppy curled up next to me and went to sleep. Then Titai softly padded over and curled up on my chest, soon followed by Oberon, who squinched himself on my lap and chest and partly on top of the puppy.... AND WE ALL FELL ASLEEP THAT WAY! Titania was within PAW distance of the dog and she PURRED. Of course, Pris was asleep from the start, but its still progress, right?

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MrsPooley said...

Oh, yes, that's progress.
Ours have taken to rampaging in the house, because, you know they CAN. And they don't go outside as much because of the BITTER biting cold. And they can't scratch the frozen dirt to hide their diddles.