Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lots and Lots of Squee

Our camera battery is DEAD and the charger kind of got smooshed into a few hundred pieces by an airline-that-shall-not-be-named the last time I flew to the City (what city you ask? THE ONLY ONE THAT COUNTS! ahem. That would be NYC for the uninformed) so I don't have photos to post of the exciting happenings this week.

1. We have drywall folks! and it has tape and mud on it!

2. That means that, yes! the electrical rewiring project is complete! We are wired! (similarity to our normal state of mind acknowledged, but differences CAN be seen because we now have lights. You know, thanks to WIRING. squee!).

3. Plumbing! LAUNDRY! WHEeeee! After 4 weeks and going through our drawers frantically pawing through mismatched socks to find the last wearable pair of undies, the plumbing is finally fixed and working and Ive done about 11 loads of laundry so far. (clean undies! shirts! jeans! wow! Who knew I had so many clothes?!) We still have about 4 loads to go.... at least.... and that might not be counting sheets and bathroom rugs....maybe.

4. I have a stove. Now, this may not seem to be a big deal to all of those of you out there who have WORKING KITCHENS, but for a woman who's been cooking with a toaster and microwave for 2 months and doing dishes in the bathroom sink (that doesn't drain properly and is sitting on top of a rotten, 40-year-old vanity cabinet. Oh, btw, did you know that you can use a plunger on a sink and it works just as well as on a toilet? Don't worry, I didn't use the same one on the sink as on the toilets, but the concept was there, so we bought a new one and lo and behold, it worked! Slightly better drainage achieved for only $5.78). Anyway, back to the stove! Its gorgeous. All black and steel and shiny and its one of those "newfangled" things with a radiant glass surface so I don't have to worry about my pans tipping because the coils are warped. Wheee! Just in time for Christmas, too. :-) One problem though, the guys who delivered it asked me if we needed a 3 or 4 prong cord and I carefully dug through Hubband's box of electrical stuff and found a big round plug that had 3 prongs so I told them 3 and then when they left I realized I'd been looking at our dryer plug and the stove should have been 4. oops. Now we'll have to return the plug and get a 3 prong. >blush< BUT! I can cook our turkey on Monday. :-)

5. I have MEDICINE. While this is causing me to feel more than a little crappy TODAY, I have great faith that by tomorrow it will be nearly done fighting the nasty green and brown infectious cells rampaging through me and I'll actually be able to breathe without coughing, wincing from stabbing head pain, and choking (in that order). Major squee.

6. Did I mention drywall? The final step before CABINETS?

7. My Mother-in-law is coming to stay for a week and she arrives tonight. This is cause for GREAT SQUEE and also great consternation as I will have approximately 5 hours (from sundown to her flight) to get the house cleaned up and at least SEMI-presentable. I know she won't mind the construction stuff, but I really think she'll want to be able to have space to put a bed. Unreasonable perhaps, but still... you know, beds are good for sleeping and what not.

And on that note, I realize that my hands are shaky and I haven't yet eaten this morning and since I must eat to take antibiotic and must take antibiotic to be well and must be well to help Hubband hang cabinets..... Im off to toast some eggos and make microwave oatmeal (just because I HAVE the stove doesn't mean its hooked up yet or anything. Sheesh people, what do you expect?!)

Merry Christmas!

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MrsPooley said...

What do we expect? EVERYTHING! Joy, happiness, gifts, logic, reason, absolute truth, and everyone's favorite sports to win EVERY time they play! I don't think that's too much to ask, do you?