Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Silly Songs with Andrew

As I was slaving over a hot computer... ok, fine, not slaving... I was chatting with Hummingboyd and the Elf, but STILL! Sorry, Im easily distracted these days. Anyway, as I was saying. When I was here, ensconced in my office "working", a voice wafted through from the living area of our house.

By the time I became aware it was Hubband singing, he was doing a riff about cabinets and how great they will be and his "wife will cook for all times". As I giggled and started to tell the girls he broke into the chorus:

"Darlin' DAARRRRRLINNGGG COOOOoook, FOR ME" (da da daaaa duh dunnnnnnn) and punctuated it with the swish of the broom as he swept up sawdust.

He came into the office later and when I hummed the song to him, he blushed (he's so cute when he does that) and said "Yup, today we have Silly Songs, with Andrew".

I think we watch too much Veggie Tales.


Anonymous said...

hehe . . . "silly songs with Andrew" might be even more entertaining then with Larry. :)

MrsPooley said...

Hey at least he's not a vegetable! :)
Next time, try to record him for posterity, and well, to share with the illustrious interweb!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! No, he is not a vegetable which is a good thing as they have no arms or hands. Without arms and hands it would be difficult to install said cabinets. :)

Anonymous said...

This just made me laugh and cry at the same time. I love you guys. Do we dare ask for a picture of "the foot"?

Queenie said...

haha Veggie Ta-a-ales Veggie Ta-a-ales! Heee.