Tuesday, January 09, 2007


In September:

And finally have reached.... KITCHEN STATUS!

You'll note that we still have no counters.. hopefully our counters will still come today (although its getting late), if not... it will be tomorrow. The place is quite the mess with unpacking and finishing in progress, but look! Cabinets! Handles and pulls! Drawers! DISHES! STOVE! FRIDGE! wheeeeeeeeee!


K'sKorner said...

WOOHOOO!!! It'll look so nice with those counter tops! You guys did a good job!

Krissa said...

It looks great. I had forgotten what it looked like before you started.

Janeen said...

Wow! What an incredible change. You ought to be very proud of yourselves.

Queenie said...

Dude, BOOYAH! These pictures will look FAB in your scrapbook!
Plus? A KITCHEN! So jealous.

MrsPooley said...

Um, where's the paint?