Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good Training

I am in my office, catching up on a little paperwork and a little office work. Hubband is out in the kitchen putting in the last of the base cabinets. Yes, people, we have cabinets! I would post photos, but our digital camera is on the fritz so the only pics I have are currently still on advantix film in my Elph. I digress.... While we were eating dinner, we flipped on the old zombie box and clicked around. I asked him to check on the SciFi channel and see what was on. He said that just for that alone, he would never be sorry he married me. We chuckled, clicked to SciFi, and found zippo on. I asked him to go to "my" channel (the Food Network) and we found, voila! Iron Chef America! We finished eating and he left to return to cabinets and I to the office to work, so I turned off the TV and .... he yelled at me from the kitchen to turn it back on. I have succeeded in training the Hubband to enjoy the Food Network even when Im not the one watching it. I feel very accomplished. Which is nice, cause I have a horrible sinus infection. And did I mention that I had food poisoning earlier this week? Don't you wish you were me?


Queenie said...

Oh lord, what did you EAT?

Xboyd said...

Probably all those microwaved leftovers.......with a little sheetrock thrown in!