Friday, January 26, 2007

The waiting game

We are ready for guests...and have none yet. Of course, we told everyone 630, so no one is really late, Im just not used to be THIS ready THIS early. Its been a crazy day, starting at 5 am with the puppy yowling. I worked from about 615 until Hubband got home at 1100 and then took a "lunch" break, did the dishes, ate breakfast, cleaned the counters, started the food for tonight, and helped Hubband load stuff into the attic. Then it was back to work for a frantic couple of hours, finishing out my day and back to cooking, cleaning, vaccuuming, trash out, bathrooms scrubbed, dog scrubbed, leaves raked.... we're tired. And, since no one is here yet? Playing the waiting game, trying to amuse ourselves into wakefulness until the party starts.


Janeen said...

R U still alive?

Anonymous said...

So, Tina-bird--how did it go? Did they show up? Did you have fun? or do I have to hunt them down and make them apologize?