Friday, January 05, 2007

Disbelieving Bee

The new year has come and gone and I haven't felt the urge to post much. Ive been sick (as detailed in the last post), we had family here for about 10 days (which was SO much fun!), and the kitchen renovation has been progressing throughout!

We tried to have the cabinets installed before C-Mom arrived for the Christmas holiday, but with Hubband's foot surgery and finals and the Elf's visit, as well as unexpected delays caused by weather (hard to install an electrical switch box in pouring rain) and/or shoddy work by previous owners (water running down the roof and into the laundry room because they neglected to install flashing when they put on the addition).... we didn't get a single cabinet in place until after the holiday.

Finally, this week, we got all the cabinets hung! We had a minor problem that required re-leveling of the wall cabinets yesterday, but by 3 am we had an Island, we had cabinets, and we had moved into the pantry cupboard!

This morning we finally had our countertop guy come to template. Before he arrived, Hubband put the backing on the Island and we decided how we were going to mold it out after the counter is on. We'd been told that from template to install was usually 3-4 business days, so we were thinking we'd probably have counters by next Thursday or Friday. HOWEVER!!!!! When our lovely Counter Man left after templating today he told us that they'd be here on Tuesday, Wednesday at the LATEST. TUESDAY PEOPLE!

If you've never lived without a kitchen--doing dishes in the bathroom, cooking only microwaveable food, tripping over sawhorses, piles of dish boxes in the bedroom, kitchen/dining furniture spread all over the house (the dishwasher is in my office)--then you probably have no concept of how exciting this all is to me. I walk in the room and there is a kitchen. This afternoon after work I will be unpacking all the dishes, pans, bowls, utensils, and miscellaneous kitchen gear that have been in boxes since June.

I almost can't believe we've finally reached this point. The point where all that's really left is to install the new pot lights (recessed into the ceiling, not made from pots), hook up the plumbing after the counters are on, and tile the floors. Now all that's left is to finish the laundry room renovations, do the bathrooms, rip out the carpets and install new flooring, and paint every room in the house. Not much, eh?


MrsPooley said...

congrats. on the wellness and the cabinets.
can't wait to see them!

Xboyd said...

It will be great to see the finished kitchen. I've come to know it from the from the Out! Congrats, you two!

K'sKorner said...

That's marvelous! Mom says she can relate . . . remember the kitchen remodeling at their Boring house . . . Congratulations :D Can't wait to see some pics ;)