Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A nephew!

My sister-in-law had her ultrasound yesterday and we found out we're having a new nephew in the family! It's so exciting to see those first pictures. There were great ones of his face, even, that we were able to see and get a glimpse of what this new little man will be like. Congrats to all the Pooleyatici!

In celebration, I made a pot of pumpkin spice coffee. I apparently hid about 1/4 pound of it from myself this winter and just found it last week. Im trying to stay away from caffeine since we're trying to get pregnant, but I think a new nephew is reason enough to celebrate!


Queenie said...

DAMN! What am I going to do with a YEAR'S worth of baby girl clothes NOW?

Xboyd said...

Hmm. Pumpkin spice coffee.....I should send you more. Its a good treat once in awhile!