Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rat-tat- ... Wait. DID YOU JUST SAY RAT?!

"Honey, do you want a new project?".
"What kind of project?" "
"Look. Pris found it"
"Is it a shrew or something?"
"Nope. Its a rat. But look, its eyes aren't even open!"


"Call the vet and find out if its ok to have around the other animals before you do anything"
"We can't just put it back, it will DIIIIEEEEE"
"Yeah, I know. Just call the vet."

20 minutes later, after a phone call and settling the miniature rodent into an empty recipe box

"Hey honey. Check this out"

Yes friends. More rats. In fact, by the time he found all THREE OF THE NESTS under our patio, there were 12 of them. He put them all back in their nests, and we put rat poison on the grocery list. We may not be able to kill a baby outright, but once they're all grown?


1 comment:

Xboyd said...

Hey, so the rats weren't infested with any dangerous disease your Pris and cats would get?