Sunday, May 06, 2007

Practicing the short words

According to the almighty Internet...
1.My IQ Is 110, my Logical Intelligence is Below Average, my Verbal Intelligence is Genius, my Mathematical Intelligence is Above Average, and my General Knowledge is Average. The subsets of these convince me this is a total fake out of a test because I've been tested before and scored low on math, high on logic. I don't know which is better...
2. I will die at the age of 94 in a freak accident with a stripper pole (
3. My Villainess Name is The Heartless Demoness
4. My Pirate Name is Captain Soggy Beard of the pirate ship Smelly Draws (

Fun way to waste half an hour after a productive day. We actually got the swamp out back started on its way to clean living (ie, we got the pool pump fixed), the cabinets for the new laundry room are 40% sanded and painted, Hubband's office is 33% painted, the subflooring that was damaged in a flood before we bought the house has been replaced, I worked for about 4 hours, and we actually had time to relax a little! I even did the dishes, called my dad and sister (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICOLE!) and spent some vegetating time on the couch.

It surprises me how busy we've become lately. My blog has suffered for it, as has my reading and probably my blood pressure. It seems we're always saying "yes" to something...I just need to start practicing that other word. The short one.


Its no use. I don't think it's in my genetic makeup.


K'sKorner said...

LOL! that two letter word seems to be lacking from my vocabulary also. :P

Queenie said...

I can't believe you'd be at such a loss for words that you'd post EVERY SINGLE quiz that you've done over at MM!
Dork. :)
If it makes you feel any better, I'm not posting much either.

Xboyd said...

None of us are posting much. We're all busy just being. It's spring and there's a lot more to do than post. Guess I'm not a true writer, after all. Kind of like a 'fair weather walker"....which I definitely am!

About the genetics.......your kids are in for a lot of trouble if they are type B's (personality wise), not B as in Boyd....oh well, you get my drift......