Thursday, August 30, 2007

Busy Bees....

It seems we are always busy these days... I find myself constantly thinking "I should put that on the blog" and then a week goes by and I finally have the time to post and can't remember any of the tidbits. So today, I'm going to post a nice newsy bulleted list and hope that I can remember a few of the juicy bits along the way.
  • Sabbath was... insane. I was tagged late Friday to make a cake for yet another farewell potluck and insanely, I agreed. Sabbath also was potluck, and a men's group performance at a different church, and the ice cream social in the evening. We ended up getting up at around 7 am to finish frosting and decorating the cake (Friday night after men's group I baked the cake and made my potluck contributions while Hubband started the custard for his mango ice cream), threw on our church clothes, and ran over to OUR church to drop off the food. We then ran over to the other church (35 minutes away) where Hubband and the gang performed beautifully. Immediately after their performance, we snuck out and raced back to our church, arriving just in time for potluck. Got away around 230, home by 3, had to pick up our friend who was helping with the vespers song service before the social at 530, leaving us just time to change clothes, take the dog out, and pretend to take a nap for about 30 minutes. Back to the church for the social, where we led out in song service, Hubband made his ice cream, I judged the contest, and we limped homeward around 10 pm where I immediately fell into bed, exhausted. The cake, for a family moving to Peru, went over very well.
  • On Sunday afternoon, some friends came over and painted our living room for us! We originally had asked them to come help, but when we tried to cancel after work schedules got in the way, we were told in no uncertain terms that PAINTING WOULD OCCUR. They finished all the walls and touch ups, leaving only trim for Hubband and I to complete this week/weekend. To pay them as best I could, I made vegetable curry and chicken tikka masala for dinner, followed by Hubband's homemade mango ice cream (leftover from the ice cream social at church the night before).
  • Monday... Hubband started classes! Fall semester is officially underway, though his schedule is still in a little bit of flux. He's definitely taking Chemistry, Calculus, University Singers (choir), Chamber Singers (elite choir), voice lessons, and Research Writing. He's been going to class for Oral Comm (speech), but we're not sure if it will fit into his schedule in the end. Its going to be a rough semester for home-work with all that homework!
  • Tuesday afternoon I broke down and agreed that yes, my ever evolving body needed to have at least some new bras to keep it modestly contained. The size horrified and amused me, this baby is going to make me porn-er-ific. Hubband said that if I continue to grow belly and breasts at this rate, the former will never catch up to the latter! We found 2 nice bras for me, though, on sale (only 10 bucks each, and they're decent quality!) and a couple of non-maternity-but-oversized comfy tops that I'll be able to wear for a few weeks now and then again after delivery. Also ran into a decent sale at Sears and was able to replace 2 of the pairs of shoes that Priscilla has chewed (last count was 17 total pairs of MY SHOES decimated. She's chewed up 1 pair of flipflops and one set of shoelaces from Hubband's side of the closet. hmph). All in all, we got out with EVERYTHING having spent only 65 bucks, so quite a worthy trip.
  • Wednesday. Nothing of any interest happened. We were lazy. I worked. He went to class. We steadfastly ignored the plethora of projects needing attention and spent about 2 hours watching tv before bed. Priscilla got in trouble for something and took her lecture with good equanimity.
  • Thursday. Here we are to today! I'm officially 14 weeks today, if you haven't noticed the lovely ticker. Now I'm in the 2nd trimester, no matter what calendar you use!
In one other bit of interesting news... I was cruising the other day and found an add for a dresser for 20 bucks. We went and looked at it and ended up buying it on the spot. Hubband is in the process of refinishing it (scratched varnish off, white paint on) and we'll use it for the nursery. Its nice and long and the perfect height for a combo dresser/changing table. Pictures will follow once it's done. :-)


Anonymous said...

Loved the lemon Peru cake. And the curry. And the chicken. Mmmm...

Anonymous said...

I'll buy a bee keepers hat for my next visit. :) Glad hubby's sting was much nicer than mine.

Xboyd said...

You guys make me tired just reading about your days! By the way, what room am I looking at in the "priscilla lecture" picture? I like the white bookshelves. DId you re-do all that in your office?

Hang in there. Love ya!