Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Im a WEEEN-ner!!!!

Thanks to the lovely Hummingboyd, I entered a contest and I WON! So did Hummingboyd, which considering the size of the United States current population of pregnant women is really nothing short of astounding. I actually got my notification of this last week, but its been a bad few days for the stomach of the LadyBoyd and I haven't been thinking about FUN things.

We had a long discussion about this beautiful pink diaper bag in my house because, well, its PINK. At this point, we don't KNOW what we're having, although our subconcious seems to trend toward boy as we both are constantly referring to the baby as "he". So. Do we put the stigma of a pink bag on a boy? Or do we regift it to someone who's having a girl? The decision? WHO CARES WHAT GENDER! As Hubband says, the MOM carries the diaper bag and she's a girl, right? In his opinion, men would just stuff a diaper in their backpack or jeans pocket, hook a bottle in a utility belt, and be ready to go. None of this fancy shmancy for THEM.

So here it is. My diaper bag. Isn't it pretty? And Pink?


Janeen said...

I agree with your spouse. You carry the diaper bag, it should be about your taste. Now, baby clothes should totally be based on gender.
The bag is great and should be appreciated for the wonderful thing it is.
Ha - that from a pink hater!

Miabird said...

i love the idea of the bottle in the utility belt for men. Did somebody invent a male-ego friendly diaper bag yet? Hmmm. I have ideass.....
I gotta say though, the bag is mighty pink. Glad it's a print fabric. And is that a backpack style? If so, that's brilliant!

Xboyd said...

Okay, I want to see a picture of the diaper in the cargo pant pocket and the bottle on the utility belt.....don't forget the wipes! What pocket does the dirty diaper go in?