Wednesday, August 08, 2007

One year anniversary, a panic attack, a birthday, and wasps

August 2nd marked our 1 year anniversary as Memphians and we celebrated in style. Hubband worked at the restaurant and I hovered around the toilet waiting for "Bud" to send my dinner back to me, express mail.

A couple of days later, we missed C-Mom's bday by calling her the DAY BEFORE and then forgetting to call again. We are horrid children, Mom, but know that we LOVE YOU! and we were sending HAPPY BIRTHDAY thoughts to you! In the midst of her birthday, I actually had a pretty severe panic attack, the reason (though not an excuse) that we forgot to call. I realized that evening that I had not been sick all day. Not at all. A few crampy feelings, some mild vertigo, but no nausea! NONE! ALL DAY! and was immediately convinced that I was losing the baby. It took quietly hysterical phone calls to my sister and my sister-in-law before I calmed down. The next day? I threw up 4 times... karma, I guess.

Today, I've been swamped with work. Really and truly swamped and Im wading around with a straw trying to breathe through the muck. Priscilla gave me a nice little break, though, when she decided that a paper wasp would make a good playmate. She chased it and before I could stop her, swatted it to the ground with a paw that then didn't touch ground again for about 20 minutes, until the sting wore off. She followed me around on 3 paws, waving the 4th at me like "HELP! MAMA!" until I put some baking soda paste on a rag and held it to her sting for a few seconds. She's been sleeping every since. Ahhhh, the joys of August in the Boyd house.

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Xboyd said...

Don't worry about forgetting the BD. At my age all BDs are worthy of panic attacks! You guys are loved. Don't forget that your first trimester is about over, so the nausea c(sh)ould be going away and you may be feeling better and better!....just pregnant!
Poor puppy. If you think the dog, work and hubby takes up lots of your time.....just wait. You need to move up here so I can help out! :o)