Monday, August 20, 2007

The ticker ticks on

Its funny, I remember watching the homecoming ticker with baited breath, trying to hurry it on its way. This morning, I came to the blog and saw the ticker and realized I hadn't really seen it since about 6 weeks. It's jumped 6 whole weeks since then! The time has just seemed to go by in a fog of nausea. Hubband and I realized as we went into our 12 week appointment last week that it felt like only a few days since our 8 week, but so much has changed. If I can keep this non-ticker-watching momentum for the whole pregnancy, think how shocked I'll be when its suddenly at the end!

That reminds me of a funny happening in the family last week, too. My older sis is preggers right now, too. She didn't find out until she was about 6 weeks along, so we like to tease her that she lost 2 weeks of her life somewhere (she thought she wasn't even late). We were talking over due dates last week and she asked me why doctors call it 40 weeks all the time when its really only 39. I was quite confused, but she insisted as she flipped through her calendar that it was 39 WEEKS. Then she got really quiet and I could hear her blushing over the phone as she started to giggle. She'd missed a week on her calendar when she was marking her weeks ahead so yes, she only counted 39, but it wasn't the doc's fault! Not only did she therefore "lose" 2 weeks at the beginning, it means that her actual scheduled C-Section date will be a week earlier than she'd thought. Pregnancy brain strikes again!

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Krissa said...

3 months down, 6 to go! Hopefully they will fly by and you'll lose some weeks too.