Sunday, July 17, 2005


I just got a note from the husband with some really cool pics in it! Im posting them so ALL of you can see ... There are 3 from the ship, with his records and such, and then a few from his trip to Disney World over the holiday. :-) Any captions will be placed after the picture.

Andy called this one "geared up"... He is in his flight deck gear in their ready room place... don't know the "real" terms. hehe.

This is Andy's "rack" or bed, and his locker. The bed part is also the LID of the locker, so what you are looking at is his dresser and his bed, with the bed pulled back to reveal the dresser. hehe.

Andy at work... these are all his records for the guys and gals in his squad.

The following are all from Disney... pretty fun, and self-explanatory! I actually left a couple of the ones he sent me off the post as it was getting too long. These are the best ones. :-)

Isn't he CUTE?!

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Alekx said...

Ah shipboard life.
The elegent suites, the hot showers, the sea sickness

What fun...hehehehe