Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Woo and 2 Hoos

It looks like the orders dance may finally be settled. We will ... PROBABLY ... be staying with VAQ-141 after all! We will have to extend our out date by 2 months (to November of 06), and A will have to deploy this winter, but we avoid being sent somewhere randomly chosen by the Navy and we prevent the necessity of re-upping for 2+ years. Pros and cons on all sides.

In other news, I have become quite a social butterfly lately. Dinner with friends last night, dinner with another group of friends tonight, Diva night with a gang of gals on Saturday night...helps with the separation blues, that's for sure! And dinner last night? Was DELISH! I know spend an inordinate amount of time raving about food on this site, but I have to rave again. Queenie made egg and chorizo empanadas from scratch and topped them with a fresh salsa made with avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, and garlic. Wow. Was so good and filling we are all having it for lunch today, too!

Titania is attacking a rubber band that was on a set of my work. She loves the things. Puts one end in her mouth and the other around her paw and literally SHOOTS them around the room so she can chase it. This provides her and her slave (me) with at LEAST 15 minutes of amusement, hilarity, and exercise (I have to dodge the band as it flies...)

Ok, now that I have woo'd and hoo'd and generally blabbed, Im off to fortify myself with coffee before embarking on the work day. Gastroenterology, here I come!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that it looks like things might be getting settled in the orders department! Hopefully this will give you some peace of mind even though I know you'll be lonely while hubby's on cruise. You'll have to let me know about your travel plans back east this winter so that I can come spend a long weekend or two sometime!