Saturday, July 09, 2005

Me or the Sauce

I think the WHOLE thing is the fault of the Queen, who just posted her little thing about the kitchen catastrophe award, because this kind of thing DOES NOT USUALLY HAPPEN TO ME! Ok, maybe that's stretching it a bit... after all, there was the affair of the magically multiplying honey... but STILL! THIS was taking it a BIT far. I have, in fact, applied for the above award after the happenings of the evening. So what happened, you ask? I'll tell ya:


My college roomie is here this week and we're chumming around by ourselves and with the Queen... watching movies, eating good food, etc. The food part came into play tonight. Now my friend is lactose intolerant and has some pretty severe allergies, so when dinner time came we decided on a nice, healthy, vegan meal. We did veggie choplets, breaded and fried, macaroni salad with olives, peas, and black beans in, and some fresh steamed broccoli (trees only... stalks are ICKY) and then decided we wanted to do a sauce for our choplets. I could have just opened a can of premade and toss it in the microwave, but NO, I wanted to be CULINARY ELF-ish so I decided to make my own. I took some of her special tofu cream cheese, tomato sauce, tomato paste, and various and sundry spices and tossed them into a pot where they immediately began to perfume the house with their spicy goodness. The pot was just starting to simmer, so I turned to the broccoli, and as I pulled the cover off it, the sauce exploded. I kid you not. The stuff had been boiling underneath and just blew up in a big bubble that popped. The result? Sauce ALL over the kitchen and a HUGE burn on me. Not in the normal cooking spots like, say, my HAND, or my ARM... no, this is a big nickel sized blister on MY SHOULDER. My SHOULDER! Im telling you... of course, the capper was when Ronnie went to put the sauce away in the fridge after we ate, played games, etc. and she was just fetching a bottle of water from behind it... it exploded again. This time because the tupperware leapt from the fridge to the floor and landed... you guessed it....upside down. I don't think I'll ever make that sauce again......After all, this is MY house, and its me... or the sauce.


Queenie said...

AHAHA! AHAHAHA! Gasp, wheeze....AHAHAHH!

LadyBoyd said...

Hmph. Im not so amused. I mean... my shoulder has this raw and red burned to almost bleeding spot on it. 'Course, it IS my shoulder. AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. >snort<