Monday, July 11, 2005

Manic Monday

This was one of those Monday morning's where NOTHING goes right. I woke up this morning 2 hours after my alarm when the FedEx guy rang the doorbell with my packet of work for this week, tripped over the baby gate (no babies, but our cats attack the door if we don't ban them from the upper floors at night...), skidded down the stairs practically on my nose and made it just in time. Logged online to find that I had accidentally sent out the WRONG CD to a guy who bought from my husbands online store at (Husband is currently on a carrier in the middle of an ocean somewhere). THEN I got my mail and found out that someone has been stealing my mail and the USPS wants me to fill out an official 4-page report stating that I do not know her and did not give her permission to take, open, and who knows what else my credit card statement. My morning ended with me at the bank arguing with the manager that my check really WAS a paycheck and could they please please please waive the 5-day hold period since the check was already a week late! (they did, thus restoring my faith in human nature and a well-placed break in your voice).

The day has since gotten a bit better...I convinced Queenie to join me for lunch at Erawan and we had sticky rice with green tea ice cream for dessert. Diet be DAMNED! :-) I came home and got a decent deal on plane tickets for the first "real" vacation my husband and I have been able to take TOGETHER (known each other for 10 years, half of that was long distance, and we have never flown together before....insane), and Im gearing up for a nap.

Just thought I would share my day so all of you had a BAD day could say "Im not the only one" and those of you who had a good day could say "Im so glad that wasn't me". Something for everyone! W00t!


Kim said...

lol, awwwwww! Sorry your day sucked my friend. Nice blog btw. I hope you have a better Tuesday.

Alekx said...

Okay the carpet burn is way to funny...sorry but it just reminds me of mine and burfica's life. Growing up together we'd have all kinds of things happen.

Then Dorko acutally watched me fall down the stairs of our apt when we were roommates and land my face in a basket of laundry.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, honey. As soon as I read the part about you being awakened by the Fed-Ex guy I cringed because I knew what was coming. Do you have bruises on top of your bruises? I SO shouldn't have left you yesterday! You obviously need someone to take care of you -- I know, preferably hubby, and I had to come back >sigh< That sucks about the mail theft but I'm glad you finally got paid and have tickets back to NY.

love ya,

LadyBoyd said...

Thanks to all and sundry! The carpet burn didn't really happen to my nose, just a bit of skidding on my feet...I so could have skated down on my face though! I have done that before...hence the nickname in high school of "Klutzy Christi"