Friday, September 09, 2005

A Long Newsy Epistle

Got some big news yesterday! We all will be welcoming JACOB DANIEL WOODSIDE to the family this January! My sis and her hubby had their ultrasound and the baby is a little boy! Apparently he was not shy at all about letting everyone know he was a MAN. :-) Everything looks good, the doc said, and the placenta issue has turned out to be a non-issue. Praise God!

I got a new coffee maker yesterday. Its so PURTY! Bright red with fascinating buttons and such. After I got it home and out of the box I made Queenie show me how to work it as she one just like it in stainless steel. I was kind of angry with the sales lady though at the store where I bought it... She offered me their credit card saying if I applied I would get 10% off. I decided "why not?!" since I was buying the coffee maker and it was expensive that would at least counteract sales tax, right?! I filled out the application, read the little disclosure brochure, etc. and decided in my head that if I DID get the card I wouldn't keep it cause they have an annual rate of 21%. When I went to pay for the stuff I bought the ridiculous woman said "Oh, you were approved so its been put on the card for you. That's the only way you get the discount." and handed me the little printout of my new "account" with them. Grrr. Automatically discards the discount if you top it with interest at a double rate! I got home and tried to log in to pay it off and cancel it immediately and they won't let you for THREE DAYS after you get it. ARGH! I should have just said "no thanks" like I always do. But NO! I had to be the skinflint and try to save 10%. >sigh<

We had Queenies famous "spaghetti Pie" for dinner... after I let her loose from my coffee maker. ;-) We did a PIE dinner last night, with me trying out a recipe for Shoofly Pie we got out of a book. Both were really good, but OOOOhhhhhh so sleep inducing! The Shoofly pie didn't set up too well, Im not sure if I did something wrong or if the recipe wasn't right... Im going to have to look elsewhere for another recipe and see what I should do because the flavors were GREAT. (beyond the slightly TOO cinnamon flavor from when the whole thing EXPLODED into the bowl of flour.)

When I got home, the wind was blowing like mad but I didn't pay much attention. Ran in and upstairs for a few minutes. When I came around the corner to the stairs, the front door was wide open! Id forgotten to lock it and since our door was busted down at some point by some past tenant it doesn't latch well. Titai had a toe out the door but scampered back in like a good girl when told to. However, I had to stuff my feet into Andy's tennis shoes and grab Dwight and Sam to help me catch Obie, who had taken advantage of the open door and was hiding in the bushes under the kitchen window. He was NOT happy to be pulled back in the house! I'd say his medicine is definitely working...

Today, Im going to clean the house and pack for CA and work... busy day! I'm planning to hit early church in the morning and leave from Mt Vernon in time to hit Portland for a late lunch with C-mom. I should be in no later than 2. :-) I'll chat at ya'll later!

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