Monday, September 19, 2005


Ohhhh, Hubband is gettin' me GOOD. He surprised me by spending a large sum of money without telling me first (because he didn't know beforehand he was going to spend it), and THEN surprised me by telling me that the bulk of it was on my anniversary present. He went into great detail about its uniqueness (he is having it custom made), its heriloom quality, and how I have been wanting one for quite some time... and THEN he tells me he won't give any more clues, nor will he even concede if I guess correctly, and it won't arrive until 3 days after our anniversary! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! He's so sweet. hehe. >giggle< Im sending his box out this week with the little gifts in it for our anniversary, some food stuffs, and a picture/description of the "big" gift from me for our anniversary. Its something he has been wanting for a long time, and I dont think he will guess what it is. :-) Of course, I won't be able to buy it as soon as I thought cause he spent all our money. Oh well. >grin<

Yes, Im in a grand mood tonight. I finished work ON TIME for once, have started a diet, cuddled with the kitties, watched Hostage (good movie, btw. I thought it much better than its press indicated), and then killed twi'leks in KOTOR 2 for a couple hours. Now its off to bed, and supposedly waking up to a phone call from the MAN! w00t!

Sleep tight, all my faithful readers! I know there must be at least TWO out there...(Hi Q and CP!)

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