Saturday, September 24, 2005

Straight from the Hubband's mouth!

ROME. When in Rome do as the Romans do…


Here I am at the TOP of the ruins. They are down a long set of stairs to my right.

This is a cool set of pillars, don’t remember how old, but everything down here was pre renaissance, and most was about 50-100 years older than that.

More ruins, I think this was the senate.

The main arch in front of the senate that people would give speeches in front of to sway the people.
Hard to believe that there were about 1 million people living here at it’s height.
Looking back at the Coliseum from the Ruins… to the Right at the end is the Temple of Aphrodite to offset the death and carnage of the coliseum. ROMA backward is AMOR. Thus the balance...

Broken Marble Pieces from the time of Peter and Paul, now just Benches for the weary.

Coliseum. The Grey stone is from the time of Christ, and the Holes are where iron was fixed into the columns.

This was the arch in front of the Coliseum.

Important arch that I cant remember…. hehe

City of fountains… I threw a coin in for you. (He threw in a coin for me! A.... l'amore... Im SPECIAL! wheeeeeeeee!)

Italian Museum.

Museum entrance at ancient Rome site.

Supposedly the Tomb of The Apostle Peter.

This shows the expansion of the roman empire…

At the top of the ruins.

So this was day one in Rome....

(I'll post Day 2 in a little while... this took me about an hour to get the pictures in the right order with his comments!)

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