Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Monday. Right?

DAGGUM IT! I just posted this on the SISTERFRIENDS site accidentally. What a pain. DEFINITELY a Monday kind of thing to happen...

Well, here it is again...

Ok, so it's Tuesday. I know that INTELLECTUALLY, just not internally. My little internal clock is saying "no! ITS MONDAY YOU TWIT!". Oh well. It has definitely been a Monday type of day. Started out with a vicious, slanderous (libelous) attack on some friends and continued with Oberon tearing apart my desk. Yes, he is feeling better! By Saturday night, only 1 full day on the meds, he was back to being a pain in the patuckus! I was quite pleased, but now.... just kidding. Im glad he's back to being healthy, even if he is throwing pictures all over the office.

Weekend events were great fun. I didn't get 90% of what I wanted to accomplish accomplished, but otherwise was a blast. I was introduced to geocaching on sunday with Queenie and her HubUnit and we had a ton of fun. Scampering around on rocks and sand with my video camera... :-) w00t!

I went to church on Sabbath, and then slept before heading out to see Transporter 2 after sundown. Ignore the reviews, it was a great little movie! Hmmm, what else. Well, on Monday I did nothing of import. Played a video game, read a couple books, watched a movie... the only thing that was of any consequence was loading the dishwasher and sorting the piles to be filed on my floor. :-)

Im not feeling too newsy, as you can tell. Am off to eat lunch, shower, edit a product profile, and run to a salon with Queenie. Have fun.

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