Monday, September 26, 2005

A Watched Ticker ... Ticks on Unchanged

I know its ridiculous, especially since I put it there and know exactly what day it's going to change, but every morning I log onto my OWN blog just to look at the ticker for homecoming. It has become sort of a ritual for me, wake up, get coffee, log onto server for work, read Queenie's blog, read Heather's blog, check the family sites and my email, and then... then I click to Boyd's Nest JUST TO SEE WHAT THE TICKER MIGHT SAY TODAY. As if it will just magically change overnight when I KNOW that it actually only changes on Wednesdays and then it drops a whole week at once. Do I wait for that week to happne? No, I log on every day to see if just MAYBE it has violated its programming and decided to change TODAY. I have decided that this must be behavior related to being a Navy Wife and is in no way reflective of a decline in mental status with the departure of Hubband or onset of Crazy-Lady-Living-With-Cats-in-Small-Town syndrome. This syndrome is a proven problem among people who go from The City to Small Town and switch from being social animals at the office to working from home and talking to their cats or online friends more than they talk to REAL PEOPLE. Its true. I studied it online, and then I talked it over with Oberon and Titania and they agree....

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