Wednesday, October 26, 2005

All the Happs of the Month: Condensed Version

October flew by like the jet in the old Clint Eastwood movie FireFox: fast, silent, and deadly! On its way by, though, the month has picked up some interesting things!

1. I flew out with about 12 hours notice to help out my sis who had been put on bedrest at the same time her husband was in danger of being hospitalized for SERIOUS flu. I was able to spend 2 weeks with them, helping during the bad week and enjoying the healthy one.

2. Andrew and I found out we were up for orders after all and tried out for a couple different options. It looks like we will be able to stay here until our EAOS after all, so that is nice! Keep your eyes on the ticker, as we MIGHT have a surprise there soon...

3. We found out my sister is pregnant with a BOY. James Richard Sikora is due at the end of April and brings the outnumbering of Gracie to a staggering 3 boys to her single girl-dom. Mama is encouraging Andy and I to have a daughter...just to even things up a bit. hehe.

4. I cut my hair off! I hadn't planned it to go as short as it is, but I like it. I got it cut the day I was packing for my lightening trip and wasn't clear in my instrcutions to the stylist. After 2 weeks I realized I HATED it, so I had Ashley cut it for me again. It ended up chopping off a total of about 9 inches. Web cam pics aren't great... but...

5. Andy and I celebrated our FIRST ANNIVERSARY! Of course, it was a little tough since we were on opposite sides of the world, but it was a good day. Andy loved his box that I sent, Ash and Steve took me out for a delish fondue dinner, and my gift from Andy (received yesterday!) is amazing. Check it out...

He had this cameo custom made using a picture of me from a few years back... its not necessarily something I will wear all that often, but its an AMAZING heirloom. :-) Think of the stories our daughter can tell about the cameo of her mom that her dad had commissioned... :-)

6. I have started my Christmas shopping!

7. I got an early bday/welcome home gift in the form of my OWN Ella Phlunt teapot, handmade by Queenie, and a bottleof white truffle oil. Yummy!

8. Dad got a new job in Las Vegas, thereby ensuring many more visits from the clan due to the massive availability of cheap tickets from anywhere INTO sin city.

9. I started planning my Thanksgiving dinner menu. Will be a fun day, with Celia, Caryn, Ethan, Dad, and Lori all here...

10. My diet is starting to work... I lost 4 lbs in a week before I left for CT. Course, I gained it back after Vinos, Fondue, etc. BUT! the diet WORKS! hehe.

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