Sunday, October 30, 2005

Normal life returns...after a fashion

So Im back to the normal way of life... too busy to do much of anything during the week, and too interested in relaxing to do much during the weekend. That said, this week I DID get the downstairs nicely scrubbed and polished,the laundry almost all caught up from being gone for 2 weeks, and my work is up to date. So this weekend, I've read, gone to church, seen Zorro with Queenie and her Hub-Unit, started trying to put together a budget/bills spreadsheet to help me calculate payoffs, and best of all... I GOT TO TALK TO ANDY ON INSTANT MESSENGER! He was able to log in from an internet cafe and later in the week we might actually get to webcam/voice chat! Wheee! I turned on the webcam today so he could see me open a couple of presents. He said it was GREAT to see me. :-) I miss him so much... it seems like my mood follows the weather to some extent. Fall is usually my favorite time of year, but this time I just wish it were over and Spring were here.

In other news, we don't have our official orders yet. I suppose that means there are still other places we could go, but VA didn't work out so for the moment we're planning to just stay here in Oak Harbor until our EAOS.

Im sittin' in the living room wathing Tremors while I write. For some reason its a "horror" movie that Ive always enjoyed, and I don't usually like scary movies. Its funny to me. :-) Of course, I've also never seen it other than on tv so there's probably pieces cut out that might bother me more. hehe. Ah well. The movie's ending, it's 10 pm, and work will start again in the morning...:-) Have a good Monday all you readers (hello? any readers out there?). :-)

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