Friday, October 07, 2005

My Dramatic Life

I have found that just when you think life is good, and you are settling in with your cats and coffee to ride out the winter in relative contentment.... something will go wrong. This is all from personal experience of course, just in case you doubt the validity of that statement. In my last post, I was missing my husband but enjoying quiet times. Since that day, NOTHING has been quiet.

On Tuesday night, I received an urgent call for help through instant messenger from a dear friend who had one of HER friends on the phone who was very depressed, drunk, and had been cutting himself to "feel something". Thereafter followed 3 hours of tension with me IMing her, her talking to him, me talking to a suicide hotline operator (they put me on HOLD before I even got to an operator. How WRONG is it that someone calling a suicide hotline is put on HOLD) and passing her tips along via IM, then calling the police department in the town where he lived so we could make sure he was taken care of and all right and having to relay all the stuff the dispatcher (who was relaying what her sheriff in the field was telling her) was telling and asking me through the computer to my friend who then relayed or asked the questions of HER friend. Very much with the tension. Thankfully, everything turned out ok. He was ok, needed minor treatment, and his mom was able to drive out and be with him, too. Oh, and did I mention that me, my friend, and her friend all live in different states and were at home at the time this was occurring?

On Wednesday afternoon, I got an email from hubband saying that our request to extend with VAQ-141 through the end of our enlistment had been denied and we were up for orders again with only a month until the transfer date. Again, STRESS.... and for many reasons 1) I could end up having to move the house while A is on the ship to whatever our new station is because they could move him from the ship directly to the new place 2) With only a month to go, our choices of places to go will be limited, etc etc etc. Of course, THEN I realize (with the help of Queenie, her Hub-Unit, and my Hubband) that all of those types of places are going to want him to extend his enlistment by a couple of years, which he won't do, and that his chief's want to keep him until the end of cruise anyway... so it was in a sense drama over nothing. BUT I still feel leery because of the unknown factor....

Add to that the fact that I have been having DREADFUL dreams all week and its been a true PNW fall....what a week. :-)

There have been fun happenings, too, though. Q and her HU took me out to dinner the night of my panic over orders, Q and I walked to the pottery studio and painted yesterday (Hi guys! Welcome to the world of blogging!), and walked downtown on Tuesday to wander the shops. Walking seems to help, so even though its a nasty misty day, I think Im going to make an effort. Q had mentioned maybe we'd trek to the library... I might just walk from here! Get a good 3 mile walk under my belt after work. :-

In the meantime, its nearly Sabbath, and that means that my Dramatic Life can be put on hold for at least 1 day.

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