Monday, October 03, 2005

Literary Minds

I ran out of Pumpkin Spice coffee today, and am currently thinking about how good the cup of fresh is going to taste in the morning since I got my new bag this am... This week has been so long, and its only Monday. Hard to believe that there actually was a weekend in the last few days because I pretty much either slept or worked the whole thing. Yes, I, who was so looking forward to an unencumbered weekend agreed to do a freelance project for a friend in need. Now Im sitting on my couch on Monday night with Luis Perez pouring out of the speakers on the tv and rejoicing in the fact that even when Im working I can be relaxing.

I have been playing a lot of online scrabble with my sister-in-law lately, and boy has that been a good exercise! We have actually tied a game and been very close on the bulk of the rest of them. Its nice to have someone to do such things with, in and around all else that is going on in life to be able to click over to a different window and instantly leave work behind is a blessing!

My little world has had many happenings lately, of which I have not spoken. For some of the little newsy bits, I was banned from mentioning them on the blogosphere until certain individuals had been told in person. Since that restriction is now lifted (Nicole found out yesterday), I can now say CONGRATULATIONS, JUDD AND PIA!!! Because they are pregnant with their first child! Wheee! Im surrounded by pregnant and soon-to-be or just-were pregnant friends. Even at church this week it was announced that Sarah and Jeff Rowland are pregnant (congrats to you guys, too!). Next spring is going to be exciting... of course, Jacob is due in January, so we all will have a couple of months to catch our collective breath before the April stork sweeps in.

Beyond the baby news, and work, and trying to keep my house relatively intact, there also has cropped up in my life the project of looking into schools for Hubband. We found out this week that Andy's replacement is coming to Oak Harbor while A is still deployed, so we have a good chance of being able to get early out as long as we are accepted into a good school. He has such intermittent internet access (say that 4 times fast!) that he has sent me the type of program he is looking at, degrees wanted, etc, and I am putting together documents containing all that I can find about said topics at different schools. Right now, we both are pretty excited about a program at the University of Memphis. Yes, that is Memphis, TN. I desperately would ADORE moving back to New York, but it appears that Ashley was right in saying I wouldn't live there again. HOWEVER, it is HER fault that Im not, so she has no right to hold it up to me for the rest of our lives. Its not like Im wearing boots with shorts or anything.... (sorry, had to slip in the joke there, even though none of you but Ash will get it)

Then there is my ongoing battle of the bulge... trying to get exercise into my day. Hubband worked up a great diet and exercise plan for me, but Im going to have to talk to him about some potential modifications because I can't do it quite the way he has it laid out. Well, maybe I could if there were someone else here to help me, but when its just me...

Anyway, these things have combined to make me miss my husband and long for quiet times to be more prevalent. Right now... well, if Hubband were here I would be as happy as the big black cat who just jumped in my lap threw himself down on top of my forearms and started purring. He's had a hard day of sleeping in the sun, annoying mama by throwing books on the floor and trying to bury her coffee cup, and now all that's left before his day is complete is a good ear scritching and snuzzle with Mom. If only Andy were here so I could do the same... snuzzle in, get a good cuddle going, and then just fall asleep, but I know that tomorrow is a new day, with new surprises and sorrows and joys, just around the corner.

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