Friday, November 11, 2005

I ate too much

What a feast! I have found a new recipe to put in my favorites...its a beef roast that is absolutely DEEVINE! I had Queenie and her Hub-Unit over tonight to celebrate the forthcoming addition to their family and the fact that said Hub-Unit has a long weekend (He gets VETERANS DAY! I WANT VETERANS DAY!). The meal that cause me such over fullness was as follows:

2 beef chuck roasts rubbed with a mixture of allspice, salt, and pepper and then placed on a bed of onion and garlic and covered with more of the same. A tinfoil tent was placed over the top, and the meat was roasted to perfection. We also took some Fennel, Potatoes, and Carrots and marinated them in a touch of white truffle oil mixed with olive oil and seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper, then popped them into the roasting pan with the meat when the beef was about 85% done. For dessert...a pumpkin pie brulee. Yes my friends... that is a pumpkin pie with all its whipped goodness that is topped not by whipped cream but a crunchy layer of carmelized sugar. Add a cup of hot french roast with a holiday appropriate creamer (your choice of eggnog, gingerbread, or peppermint mocha) and you have three adults who are just rolling themselves around town and not planning to eat again for at least 3 days. :-)

The day overall was a blast, too. Queenie and I took the afternoon after I got off work and headed into town where a few of the shops were doing an openhouse. We sampled goodies, drank mulled cider, sniffed enough candles to put a candlemaker to shame, and picked up a couple Christmas presents/ideas along the way. Came back to the house and worked on dinner together, then hollered insults at each other across the couch while playing Mario Party 5 on the Nintendo Game Cube. Let me just say for posterity that I have absolutely NO skill at the little joystick thingy, but I have incredible skill and speed when it just comes to hitting a button as fast and hard as possible. hehe.

In other news... I received word today that Andy will be offline for a few days as some transitions in location are made. Email me for deets...He also said he is shipping home the new rug (w00t!), a couple boxes of gifts he has picked up for the holidays, and all the things he won't be needing for the rest of cruise (ie, summer uniforms cause you know, its WINTER). We also got the Christmas cards in so the Christmas letter must be drafted and sent out shortly.

Oh! and GOOD NEWS! Murray (my future cousin-in-law) finally got his appointment with the proper people and may actually be able to STAY here after his wedding, instead of being shipped back across the water until such time as the red tape might be obliterated. AMEN! PRAISE! WWHHHEEEEEE!

Ok, as you might be noticing, Im a bit hyper. I know it must be the coffee because my mind is going a mile a minute and my eyes are blinky and shutty and yawny. So many projects to begin.. must... get... sleeeeeppppp.

So, with those words. Im off to toss and turn in bed with my eyes shut and my brain somewhere in January or February while the rest of me lags along here in lowly November.


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