Friday, November 04, 2005

Orders (my preciousssss)

We finally have our new orders! And they are.... to stay exactly where we are! hehe. I had to laugh at the irony of being told 3 weeks ago that we couldn't extend with our squad as we had requested and must find new orders and a new location ASAP! NEW! NOW! After looking everything over and putting in 2 requests, we were denied for both of them and placed ... with our current squad. hehe. Ah well, at least we are now STABLE and know such minor facts of life like where we will be living next month... :-)

Its been an interesting week for me (I know Ive been dreadful about posting ever since the summer traveling began, but I can't help it. Im posting at least weekly, count it a blessing, my dear readers!). What with work, and the orders dance, and trying to keep my house clean, and helping a friend who's marriage is falling apart, and finding out about the wedding of a buddy being set up (congrats matt and lydia, if you're reading this!)... oh, and that WONDERFUL, AMAZING, HURRAH factor this week? Andy was in Dubai, on land, for 2 full days. I got 2 phone calls and 3 long sessions on instant messenger, complete with voice and webcam! WHEEEEEEE! Made my MONTH I can assure you! He also bought us a beautiful, hand woven persian silk rug while he was there. I can't wait until it gets here!

Also on the fun side, I went to Doom the other night and loved it! I dont care what the critics say, its a fun movie. Especially if you play RPGs. The 1st person shooter sequence was like controlling the game yourself. It was awesome. Didn't hurt that the hero reminded me an awful lot of my handsome hubby. :-) Thursday night I went to Queenie's and was treated to a delish dinner of beef stew, green bean salad, and Autumn Cake. yum!

I was planning to drive down to Portland tomorrow and spend an evening of games with my mother-in-law before heading to Nessa's bridal shower on Sunday, but the weather is so nasty I had to cancel. The road reports are calling for extreme caution all weekend, saying to stay in if you dont have to drive. We're to have high winds, fog, rain... all of the icky nastiness usually arriving in JANUARY in the form of snow. Ah well, it'll be snowing in the mountains! They are predicting up to 30 inches this weekend in the cascades. THIRTY! The skiers are leaping for joy. Its said to be predicted as the best ski season in like 18 years. I just hope we get some snow on the island... Queenie told me they got 6 inches here in one storm a couple winters ago. Im crossing my fingers!

The Thanksgiving menu is almost completely planned. It looks like most of my guests will be arriving on Wednesday and staying until Sunday (hurrah!), so I had a good time planning out some fun meals. Queenie and her Hub-Unit are planning to join us on Sabbath for dinner (Queenie is going to help out so we can make her yummy steak roulade, and I'm using gluten to make a veggie version as well for all the non-carnivores who will be here!), and Saturday night we'll all put up the tree. I thought it would be nice to have the family help me, since Andy won't be here for it this year. I realized this afternoon that it is our first Christmas separated in 4 years... 3 out of 4 isn't bad, I suppose... especially when you realize we had only been dating a month at our first christmas! 'Course, when you factor in that we had known each other for 9 years before that... hehe.

Goodness, I got blabby, didn't I? Wow! Well, my fire is dying down, and the Brandenburg concerto is nearing its conclusion, so I'll sign off and let you rest your eyes. I'll try to post something more than an update tomorrow! You know... a post that contains actual analytical thought... then again, maybe not!

Good night!

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