Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sympathetic Self

I have decided that I am a big sap. That is the only explanation... Im reading Jan Karon's Mitford series and so far have cried at least once in each of the 2 most recent books I read. I watched CSI this week, as usual, and had a good hard cry at the end. So where is all this coming from? According to my sisters, its always been around. I mean, I get choked up by commercials sometimes, so what's new about it now? they ask. I think the biggest thing is that I notice it now myself. I can't watch ads for certain tv shows, I read about things that are normal, happy, things and I end up sobbing. People tell me that its because of my stress and the separation from Andrew, or that Im just over tired (when I sleep upwards of 9 hours every night?!), or don't take enough time for myself (when I spend more time on "fun" things than housekeeping?), but I think not. I think Im just having a sympathetic pregnancy, experiencing what my sisters are experiencing.

Before anyone gets excited I am NOT PREGNANT, but my 3 closest girlfriends are (including both my sisters), as is my cousin, one of my husband's best friends from highschool, and another girlfriend (my boss's wife...and my ex-coworker...), AND both my sister-in-laws sister-in-law and one of my friends just gave birth within the last few weeks. I have experienced weird, morning sickness-like nausea attacks, weight gain, and fatigue. But Im luckier than most, cause when my "pregnancy" is over, I'll have 6 new babies to hold and cuddle and coo over...

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