Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Mustache: Photographic Proof

Proof of the MUSTACHE has been received. I actually really like this picture of him, although the mustache makes me giggle. I dont know why, he is quite handsome and all, but I just see it and start snickering. hehe. He's so CUTE. Like a mustachioed teddy bear. :-) Seriously though, just look at those EYES! >sigh< >flutter<

:-) He's doing well, being kept busy but not in a scary/sad way. What I can tell you is much depleted, as he is in a secure area. Just happy that he is safe, and God is caring for him. He shares his container barrack/tent with another guy, has found a few of his friends from corps school stationed in the same location, loves the food, and discovered that the local chaplain is SDA! All-in-all, he's doing well. :-)

And we now have photographic proof that although he always said he would never grow just a mustache... he has one. :-)

Hot digitty, I love that man!

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