Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mustaches and Mario Bros

I got another phone call last night! The Hubband TR Exodus has finally occurred, so his address will be changing. Also, a note to the family.... please use the navy-wide email address now, instead of the air group one. :-)

In other husband news... he's growing a mustache! I have requested photographic proof because he vows it will NOT HAPPEN STATESIDE! EVER! He said it just "seems to go with the camis(camoflauge)". I think he just didn't want to shave if possible. :-)

Overall, I had a great evening. Queenie and her Hub-Unit came over with pizza and we had pizza, soda, leftover halloween candy, and a 6 hour match-up on Mario Party 6. I actually came close to winning once! CLOSE! hehe. By 1 am we were all giggly, had sore eyes, and although we had planned to go for ice cream and come back to race Mario Karts we all agreed that it was time for bed. Then... I got my insomnia again and was up until 330. gar.

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