Thursday, February 02, 2006

Christina Boyd, BA, h

I know many of you have followed the progress of 2nd Mom's dissertation with bated breath... seeing which team would collapse first from the strain -- mama and I? or the reviewers? Well, I have happy news! Mama had her defense 1 week ago today and was given very minor changes. She was told that it was among the best dissertations that they had ever seen, and the person who looks as style, grammer, punctuation, etc. said that she had NEVER seen a dissertation as clean as that one! WAHOOO! So, why the h after my name? Well, the general consensus of the family is that while I did not earn a PhD like Mama did (HELLO DR WICKWIRE!!!!!!), I deserve at LEAST the 'h' of it after my name. :-)

So here we are: V.L. Wickwire, RN, CNM, PhD and C.L. Boyd, BA, h

All kidding aside, big big kudos go out to 2nd mom for all her efforts! The hard work paid off in the end!

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