Friday, February 17, 2006

Firelight Reflections

I have spent a quiet Friday evening, played scrabble with my sister-in-law (weirdest game we've ever terms of the back and forth of the score), crocheted on Jaime's afghan, listened to some nice classical music, and read a favorite Sabbath book Ive had since I was little. All of this was done in front of the fire, with dancing flames and warmth filling my little living room. I wasnt the only one basking, either... I just looked up from my yarn and saw Oberon sittin on the hearth, straight and tall and elegantly glossy (Titai must just have given him a bath... he was looking a little scruffy earlier), just staring into the fire and purring. He sat there for about 10 minutes with his tail quietly twitching before he wandered off to parts unknown (probably that strange destination also known as DADS OFFICE).

There are so many interesting things to think on with the stereo trilling out some Gazunov, the fire slowly dying, and my heater creaking as it turns on to combat the unseasonably cold weather. Homecoming is soon, work is flowing, we're moving in less than 6!

Its interesting, I think that the animals get as much out of Sabbath as I do. They have calm, they have my attention without it being divided by the television or work on the laptop, or cleaning the house, or reading a book, or running errands, or any of the million other little things that occupy my time and keep the house "hopping" all week long. When Sabbath arrives, the kitties snooze and purr on the rug in the bathroom while I soak in the tub, they curl up next to me on the couch when I read, they sniff delicately at the cup when I make tea or cocoa, and protest mildly when I bundle up to head outside for a walk or to go to church.... but welcome me with twitching tails and happy eyes when I return. They hang around the kitchen when Im cooking, asking me delicately what Im up to and if I'll share, and go on their little prowls every evening.

I know that with Andy home they are going to be confuzzled for a while, but just think how much MORE contented they will be to have Dad, and Mom, and the fire ... and that nice silk rug Dad bought them (because it isn't MINE you know, I only look at it... they roll on it and purr at it, and pet it, and sleep on it)... I think then their little kitty lives will be just about perfect. I know mine will be.

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