Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Closing in...

Im not sure if that title is because I felt for most of today that the WALLS were closing in on me, or it that's just anticipation of the homecoming that is thankfully looming closer and closer. Im willing to hear any suggestions.

Am sitting here with my eyes closed listening to classic U2 (One)and the syncopation of Titai purring as she snuggles into my lap. Im in the office, with pictures of Hubband smiling down all around and was trying to work before realizing that Im extremely sleepy. Of course, with U2 and Titai.... I won't be going anywhere for a while.

Ive gotten terrible at staying in touch since homecoming actually entered my radar with a vengeance. ADd the phone being out this weekend and my poor family is feeling neglected I think. Did get to talk to my MIL and both sisters today, so that was good.

Im just rambling, so will leave you all with one big revelation Ive had recently: I write like my mother. I spent a weekend reading the letters she had sent home from Africa a few weeks ago and just browsed through the blog last night. Was struck as I went that my narrative style is very similar. Made me feel a neat connection with her. :-)

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