Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Baby Shower...

I threw a joint baby shower for Queenie and Wendy on Sunday, and only now am I feeling up to talking about it. I know the guests of honor had at least a LITTLE fun, but I have to say it was the strangest vibe and the least... LIVELY baby shower I have ever thrown. For one thing, most of the people who came seemed to not know it was for TWO mothers...I didn't help any, since I got flustered when I had to ask one of the guests of honor to help me solve a kitchen emergency at the 11th hour and then forgot to A) introduce myself to everyone who came, B) introduce the mothers of honor, and C)have everyone introduce themselves. >sigh< Things just got worse after that... the games had fitful participation, half of the people left before the gifts were even opened, and there were several complaints about the refreshments being "too vegetarian" (Question: how do you serve carnivorous cold treats to women who aren't supposed to eat nitrates?!). The gifts were a hit though, on both sides (Pooleyaticus and I scored BIG with the UFO diaper bag... we almost got tears!) and I figure I can at least look back at it and laugh. The girls also will be getting some neat nursery acoutrements as each guest (or team of guests) painted a tile to be strung on ribbon and hung in the nursery. :-)

Anyway, I hope that both Mothers-to-be felt honored and special at the shower, as that is what really matters most in the end. Congratulations, you two! Now, don't you DARE go into labor on the same day!!!

Here are some photo highlights for your perusal....

Queenie and Wendy's Baby Shower

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