Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Few Things....

Stolen from MissZoot who stole it from someone else ....

I AM: Hungry and my nose is cold

I SAID: I wouldn't go to Hubband's practice tonight, but I think I will

I WANT: It to be July already so the condo would be packed, the house closing over with, and the move to Memphis begun...

I WISH: I could suddenly be given a gift of about $350.00 so I could go meet my new nephew and be there for his dedication.

I HATE: People who leave their turn signal on for miles and miles down the highway... oh, and really loud chewing noises.

I MISS: Living in NYC and being near my sisters

I FEAR: Being left by the people I love....

I HEAR: The dryer running and a prowler flying over

I WONDER: When Hubband will be home for lunch...

I REGRET: Forgetting that Hubband's AVT buddies invited me to bowl this afternoon with them

I AM NOT: The best housekeeper in the world, but I try...

I DANCE: Whenever I can

I SING: a lot by myself, but I get embarrassed in front of others.


I MADE: a really great roast the very first time I ever tried to roast anything that had actually been alive at some point (ie, COW)

I WRITE: A lot of medical stuff, and not as much on my novel as I'd like.

I CONFUSE: the proper use of "lay" vs "lie" all the time

I NEED: New bras. I only have 2 that fit me...

I SHOULD: Be getting dressed right now since Im going to be going to the AVT lunch and then to Pottery with Queenie as soon as I finish my work day.

I START: Planning way to soon for things...any thing...

I FINISH: Books in record time.

I BELIEVE: in God and true love and second chances.

I KNOW: just enough to be dangerous.

I CAN: Touch every finger of both hands to the wrist corresponding to those fingers...

I CAN’T: Seem to get the hang of making eclairs (Cream Flat anyone?)

I SEE: A bright red flowered bush outside my window

I BLOG: To keep my creative juices flowing and to catch my family up on what's going on with me.

I READ: all the time...

I AM AROUSED BY: Hubband :-).

IT PISSES ME OFF: When my friends or family are mistreated

I FIND: Hubband's keys and wallet at least 2x a week when he forgets where he put them the night before

I LIKE: fresh flowers

I LOVE: beyond the obvious (God, friends, family), I love Mehak Indian restaurant, cooking, baking, browsing the library, quiet time, a crackling fire, and dipping corndogs in ketchup and mustard, and reading gossip blogs.

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