Friday, May 19, 2006

A doodily day

Yes, yesterday was a "doodily day". I get straight to work even earlier than usual, only to be slowed on my energetic path through the internet by the server. For some reason, it thinks I need about 2 minutes to save each PDF file I am downloading, as well as about 2 minutes to open each folder and subfolder. It also appears to think that I need to open each of those folders EVERY time I try to save something. Also, internet bugs out on me periodically. Growl. Phone rings.

Its Hubband.
"So, are you still coming with me today?"
"To the AVT bowling thing, are you coming? You were gonna work early so you could come"
"Oh. Um. I forgot. I worked early so I could go to pottery"
"There will be pizza there"

I call Q.
"mphle slumphf"
"Oh. Sorry, didnt mean to wake you up"
"Smis phok"
"Did you still wanna do pottery today?"
"Uhhhhh. yeah. later. doc appt at 215"
"Ohhhh, ok. I meet you then?"
"245... maybe 3"
"Cool. Go back to sleep"

I call Hubband back.
"Q has a doc appt, I can still come with you to the bowling thing"
"Oh. cool. I will be right home to change"

Crap. Must dress. Where clothes? Oh yes, in laundry. Hubband arrives home. We snack (me celery, him cheese).

Finally. Ready to go. WHAT?! NO OTHER FAMILY GOING TO BE THERE? *embarrassed* I sit down with his team and we have fun. They all know me, after all....I leave promptly at 2:45, with hubband trailing his team (5th frame, he had 5 points...)

He tells me later that he did better the next game though.

Oh, and it all turned out good at pottery too. I got the primo parking space, finished the bowl I was doing for Q, and indulged in some Mint Chip ice cream from Popsies. :-)

Then... we went to Burlington, where I read and Hubband practiced with the mens choir. Then we went and oogled the appliance section at Sears (If our kitchen was bigger, oh the fun we would have!) Then... I went to the bra section at Macys. I hate buying bras. I could do a whole other blog entry on how I despise the bra-buying thing. HOWEVER, I only had 2 bras that fit me (sort of) so I had to get more. Hubband was very oroud. I got 2 more bras... and I did it in the 5 minutes before the store closed. :-D


Janeen said...


Janeen said...

Glad to hear that someone else's life is hectic too.
Please tell Ash and Steve congrats from us!
Oh, congrats on the house too.
Love you both, Janeen

Queenie said...

Just FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I was TOTALLY awake, I was merely speaking in the second language I happen to be fluent in.....
"Smis phok" was actually misinterpreted from "urglphlumpf", which just happens to mean "sousaphone" in Penguin.
I TOTALLY knew what I was saying, just because it wasn't relevant doesn't mean I was asleep. So nyah.