Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I love shoes. Seriously, and deeply, and the affair has gone on for years. Unfortunately, Im not in a place where I can indulge that love of shoes. Lack of money, lack of space, etc. But I went to Amalah's advice blog this morning and she linked me to Nordstrom for shoes. It was better than coffee... on the first page of the sandal site, I could have spent $300 on 3 pairs in the first 10 listings! Then, I scrolled down the page, my breath grew short, my eyes grew large.... there are like 35 PAGES of shoes just in the Sandal section. Its like, some sort of online heaven that costs more than Disneyland in July. Little calculation... if I like 3 pairs on each page, and I bought them all... that would be around 10500. For about 100 pairs of shoes. Do you think I can save it up by next summer? I am buying a house, so there'll be lots of space.... right?


MrsPooley said...

I am SO with you on this one. Maybe if we share the shoes, we could buy more. Maybe set up some sort of time share on the really spendy ones. :)

Xboyd said...

I want in.........I LOVE SHOES!!!!! I don't go to Nordstrom's anymore for fear the shoes will call out to me.