Friday, May 12, 2006


It is hard to believe that yesterday at this time I was unaware of the SYSBAH and the extreme impact it would have on my life. Also known (since yesterday) as the Boyd Clan WarCry (see SHANDRAKOR, from the Deathstalker series), I was at first a scoffer. After joining in a soon-to-be routine SYSBAH chant, complete with hand gestures (punch your arm out in front of you, with the last two fingers down and the thumb and first fingers up, each time you holler the WarCry), I was a convert to the cause.

What does SYSBAH mean you ask? Well, according to the Genus Pooleyatici, it is a translation from ancient Boydus that roughly means "Pass the Ketchup". And now, the WarCry.

SYSBAH! (Hand punching motion, as above)
SYSBAH! (Hand punching motion, as above)
SYSBAH! (Hand punching motion, as above)
CONFIDOOOOOOOOO! (Confido is on our clan crest, you see. It means "I Trust")

Now, wasn't that thrilling? Aren't you glad I posted this little docuhistory? I thought so. Now, Im going to go drown some of my satisfaction in a good cup of pumpkin spice and stop scaring the kitties....

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Queenie said...

Was NOT ready for that......