Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Medical Necessities... and such

I finally got in to see the doc today about a myriad of issues. Some fun, some not so. The fun ones... since we're inside the 1 year mark of when we hope to start our family, I got my first prescription of prenatal vitamins today. Even though we're not actually trying yet... it feels good to be "on the way"! I also made an appointment to get 2 moles removed that have annoyed me for the last 29 years. I think it is finally time. hehe.

The main reason, however, that I went in is because I found a small lump on my right breast about 3 weeks ago. Before anyone freaks out, the doctor said today at the exam that he thinks it just a cyst in a milk duct and wants us to "watch" it through my next cycle. If it hasn't changed or gone away in that time, we will do an ultrasound and see what is what. I felt better about it just talking to him, although the exam did hurt a little, he was very encouraging that he didn't think it was anything serious.

It was strange to go in and have to request a copy of my record, too, since we are leaving so soon. The next appointment I have will probably be my last appointment with NHOH EVER (unless I have to have that ultrasound). Its weird that after living here only 2 years it already feels strange to be saying goodbye. Im looking forward to our new start in TN, and to being that much closer to "home", but I keep forgetting that I can't take Queenie and her Hub-Unit and cats, the pottery store, Hubband's coworkers, and Dave's Bistro with me when I go. Let alone the commissary and Exchange!

I guess it is always hard to say goodbye to the place where you built your very first "home of dreams" with your husband. This is the home where he carried me over the threshold after our wedding, the place where we spent our first Christmas, and cried together over all the hard things in life, where we said "goodbye" for 7 months, and joyfully greeted each other again at Homecoming. I know we are moving on to a good place, and our first ever HOUSE... but I still find myself feeling a little like Anne must have felt moving from her House of Dreams over to Ingleside.

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HIP for Sure said...

I am so glad you checked on that somepeople just avoid it. Please keep me informed!!!!!!