Thursday, June 08, 2006

Changes are a'comin'

Please bear with me as Im making some changes to the blog, and adding flickr and youtube feeds (or at least trying to!). Many thanks to MissZoot and Trent for all their help!

In other "changes" news...

The exterior of our condo is being painted this week and the cats are FASCINATED. They take turns pressing their furry noses against the window of the office to ogle the painter who is on the roof outside doing trim work. Yesterday they were quite suspicious of the noises they heard, since the windows were all taped off and covered with plastic.

We signed the papers yesterday for our house. THE ONE WE MAY OWN ALREADY! We don't quite know if its official as we haven't heard from anyone in TN yet about the status. We'll have to see! Plans are to have a celebratory dinner with Q and her hub-unit. Updates to follow.


Queenie said...

Dude, your template is HOSED. I can't read a damn thing.

LadyBoyd said...

I think I got it fixed... finally. I TOLD you yesterday that it was all messed up and stupid blogger was down so I couldn't fix it. hehe.