Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Weirdness Have I in Abundance

Ok, I dunno if it was this post by my marvy MIL, or Queenie rapidly approaching labor...or the fact that Hubband and I have begun discussing the when's of trying to start our family... but I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant. I kept feeling this pain low in my belly and a tightness, so I called my sisters and told them I thought I was going into early labor. In the dream, I thought I was only about 5 months along, but couldn't be sure for some reason. Ashley came over and we took the baby out from this convenient flap in my belly to check and see if it was "done". We saw that the baby was a girl, and she had green eyes and lots of blond fuzzy hair, but she wasn't "done" yet, so we tried to put her back. However, having her mother's temperament, I guess, she didn't want to go back so we had to enlist Mama's help (she is a RN, CNM, PhD with years of baby experience). The weirdest part was the flap in the belly. hehe. I was like... a kangaroo envelope who just happened to be preggers.

Unless you count the weirdest part being that in the dream? All of that made perfect sense to me.

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