Friday, June 16, 2006

Am I done yet?

Darn it! I should never have said anything on the blog about Queenie approaching labor. I think I jinxed her! She has just been put on partial bedrest because the baby was deciding to try and come a wee bit too early. We were sittin' at pottery yesterday after the docs told her to come in later for a NST and she realized that IMMEDIATELY would be a good time for the test.

Meanwhile, I completely forgot a "date" with my BBF to review a project for her and missed her by 30 minutes. >sigh< I felt horrible, but acknowledge quite readily that I am a bad Bug friend and must be severely punished. At LEAST by a sorrowful, disappointed lash-fluttering. Those are the WORST from a true Southern Lady. Mama can quell us all with a single flutter.

In other, somewhat related news... the pregnancy dreams have stopped, but now most of my friends here are trying to do some voodoo-hoodoo on me as they would dearly love to see me pregnant before we leave town. The last couple of days everything has smelled weird to me and I blame it on hormones and allergies... Laura and Queenie have been crowing that Im PREGNANT! HA! I was even told that it would "serve me right", but I think that was the paint fumes talking. :-)

Also! Ronnie is here visitin' us again. She came up last July and we have only seen her in passing a couple of times since. She's here through the long weekend, so far we've seen a movie, gone out to dinner, had a taco extravaganza at home, and done pottery. She's also spent several hours just kinda hanging out here at the house while I work.

Of course, Im sure it was hard for her to concentrate yesterday on her book what with people stopping by to view the apartment, the guy coming to vaccum out the dryer vent and fireplace and inspect the chimney, and me on the phone with 1) my boss for over 30 minutes trying to figure out why my access wasn't working to download some research, 2) twice with the lady in Memphis who is probably going to clean and/or drain our pool for us 3) the rental manager to set UP the appointment for the viewers 4)our homeowners insurance broker in TN and 5) my husband. It was a crazy day.


Xboyd said...

You're rollin' Early this a.m.! It's R-a-i-n-i-n-g again today and I'm so sick of it! Just makes me want to sleep and sleep and I have LOTS to do!

K'sKorner said...

Tell Ronnie hi!!!

Danger Elf said...

consider yourself "lashed" (sorrowfully of course!) no biggie, i know i'm the LAST thing on your mind. ;-)

Janeen said...

Here are more preggie wishes comin' your way! Hee hee. Tell Rhonda HI and lots of love.

HIP for Sure said...

Ok Sweetie I know you want a wee one so We be wishing and a praying too. Green eyed blondie huh. I'll be waitin to hear!!!!