Monday, June 12, 2006


That flashback photo got me thinking, as did the upcoming visit of my freshman year roommate from WWC. Here are a few of the memories that surfaced!

Getting called into the dean's office every time anyone tried to sneak out of Conard my entire freshman year simply because my boyfriend had come up to my window on the chapel roof when I was sick to sing to me... he never even TRIED to come inside the room. (I should ask him why he didn't... its HUBBAND who did the serenade!)

He also did a great Valentine's day treasure hunt, giving me my first ever dozen roses over the course of about a week with a new clue attached to each rose. I had to get dressed up and follow the clues to find him that afternoon. He'd cooked dinner for us, gotten permission to use a classroom in the Ad building, and had his mom ship him some of Olive Garden's salad dressing because he knew how much I liked it. :-)

Playing dominos with my girlfriends on Sabbath afternoons... and getting threatened with a knife when I took Katy's "spot".

Being asked senior year if we were "freshmen" by a guy who KNEW we werent, just because he thought we'd be insulted. We thought it was hilarious and promptly plopped onto the kerb to shriek over it and mock his snobbery.

Taking picnics up to the mountains on Friday evenings and watching the sun set.

Motorcycle rides with a friend through the back woods, with lunch packed into the saddlebags.

Being told by the band director when I informed him that I needed to quit because of my schedule that I "wasn't very good anyway".

Dating an aviation major before they made it illegal to carry passengers and flying to Reno with him and some buddies one Saturday night. Also remember him not believing me when I said I was scared of falling and he sent the plane into a snap dive one day while we were buzzing around the valley. My scream through the mic in my headphones probly convinced him pretty quick.

Village hall when drama was just starting to be able to use it. Need I say more?

Exploring the ad building... Does anyone else miss the old building where no staircase led the same place, some staircases led nowhere, and there were rooms that just sort of randomly appeared and disappeared? I swear, it was like Hogwarts castle back in the day....

Slumber parties back when you could get 5 movies for 5 dollars... and safeway bulk candy! I recently was back on campus and found that my old room, the haunt for all those slumber parties, has been turned into a housekeeping closet. Very disconcerting!

My neighbor in the dorm freshman year practicing her arias at 2 am...and then getting mad when we asked her to be quiet.

And so many more! When we did that visit to campus recently Pooleyaticus and I had a great time wandering the halls and reminicsing. When we came downstairs, Hubband remarked that he never thought he'd once again be sitting in the lobby of Foreman hall waiting on women.....


MrsPooley said...

Great times, great times.
I was just doing some thinking of my own last night, and remembered this picture of me in 4th grade. And that it's really how I still think of myself. I'll try to unearth it and post it later tonight.

Xboyd said...

When did you two do this 'walk through/"...and withOUT me?!?!? I could give you some stories of how things went down '68-'71!!!!! No, we didn't have to ride horses to class....we did have to wear 'long' dresses, though, and for the '60's and '70's....ugh! As to those staircases going! I know, I know! And I remember the old radio station up in the corner. We'd sneak up there to be with the announcers.....if they were cute!

LadyBoyd said...

We should have gone back over. :-) We did the walk through on Sabbath after church the weekend of Mom's day. You were on the road at the time I think...