Monday, July 31, 2006

A Birthday, A Wedding, and Dad

Im EXHAUSTED and still have some work to do, so this will be a post of photos. Everything posted is in chronological order (starting with the top photos: Grace's bday, the wedding, seeing dad, the trip across from Albequerque to Amarillo). We hit horrible winds and a few thunder storms, which slowed us down somewhat. Also ran into a family who's car had broken down so Hubband helped them push it up an onramp on a hill...we had a great lunch with Dad... and are SO looking forward to tomorrow... the LAST DAY OF OUR MIGRATION!!!

Ok. TRIED to post pictures, but for some reason it kept resetting my connection. I'll try again in the morning...

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Christina said...

good luck on your last stretch of road! we miss you guys like crazy! hope your having a wonderful trip.
give us a call when youve landed..
ps the kids say hello