Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moving Madness

I have completed a total of 20 major moves in my life, 32 if you count moving within towns and into and out of the dorm during high school and college. Coming up on my 33rd overall move then, should be a piece of a cake, but Im having more and more respect for my mother who held down a job, raised 2 kids, and did this moving thing nearly every year of her adult life. Just trying to get packed, make the rounds of our nearest and dearest to bid them farewell, work full time, and try to keep the house in at least a semblance of cleanliness and order is taking its toll. For example, this morning I woke up at 610, went down and made coffee for me and the hubband, kissed him farewell, ate breakfast, checked my work email, went into the bedroom for slippers... and promptly fell asleep face down on the bed for 2 hours. I even left the MILK ON THE COUNTER people. Ugh. Now Im behind for the day, not only from the nap but because when I went to take my shower I got distracted by my closet and ended doing a preliminary sort on my clothes... you know, which to pack, which to take with us on the road, which to get rid of.

Hmmm, I just forgot where I was going with this whole thing. I had a whole post planned out and it was going to be interesting, if not funny. Now Im stuck. Proof positive I guess that I have completely lost all semblance of brain power. I think I'll go to work now. Maybe I can find my brain somewhere in one of these medical journals.....

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